Style Tip: Distressed denim and Leather Jackets

Stylists and Fashion Nazis swear by the never dying statements made by the combination of distressed Denims, Leather vests, and T-shirt paired with combat boots

Weak in the fashion game but ready to take off the boring and put a little zing in your step? Want to add a few pieces to your wardrobe that are on trend but are practical as well?


Then get out, go shopping, find yourself one perfectly fitted leather jacket, a pair of distressed jeans, combat boots and something – anything! – in that gorgeous nude-ish pastel-y color trend that’s everywhere this season.

All these trends are available at a variety of price points, are adaptable to people of all ages, sizes and gender and are an excellent way to glam up your wardrobe with a few pieces that make you feel great.


There are plenty of people here who care about fashion and leather motorcycle vest, but are skeptical of buying something just because it’s in a magazine or a celebrity is wearing it.

Camden, who’s been a designer in the Seattle-area for more than a decade, is among those few who presented a fashion show at Macy’s, introducing what they described as the season’s most practical trends and demonstrating how to pull them off.

“We have high standards when it comes to function and that’s the challenge,” she said. “I have to help my clients understand how fashion pieces might integrate with what they already own and how they can get a lot of mileage out of it.” Camden said the three big trends she sees this season can be worn, with some personalization, by just about anyone.

Distressed jeans with vintage styling, works well with older folks as well as young people, it is a piece of fashion that anyone could pick and feels great. While those leather motorcycle vests and jackets make anyone look and feel strong and well put-together without doing much.

“You don’t stop listening to new music just because you have old classics you still love,” she said. In addition to a cute pair of frayed and patched jeans, Camden recommends looking for a leather motorcycle vests and jacket, probably in black. “A new leather vest that fits well and that you love brings a lot to the table,” she says.

The combat boots are not only stylish but are super comfortable, they go with all kinds of casual clothing plus they work very well if you style them with floral flow-y dresses or skirts. While the T-shirt in pastel hue calms everything down and brings up the very subtle yet very refreshing spring feeling.

The trick is to try on a bunch of styles and find one that works for you. How to tell if you’ve got a winner? Ask yourself: Can I wear this to work, or on the weekend? Do I feel good?

For those who are fashion averse on principle, Camden says this: “We all have to wear clothes. Why not go for something that makes you feel fabulous?”

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