How To Predict Consecutive Numbers In Lotto Results

Quite a few lottery effects come with at least one pairing of consecutive numbers. This state of affairs can surprise a few avid gamers who have often excluded such consequences in their combinations wedding celebrant melbourne.

The last 3 weeks of NZ Lotto give us an example of this sample; in each line there is one pair of consecutive numbers.





Analysing The challenging Of Consecutive Numbers

The first thing we notice is that there is only one group per profitable line, which provides us an indication of the challenging of consecutive numbers occurring.

By definition, each pairing will come with one odd and one even number. however if we look at our small pattern each set contains a ultimate as the odd number which aids our analysis considerably. Let’s look at why primes determine prominently in consecutive number pairings.

most effective Numbers And Consecutive Lotto Groupings

Because there is a limited number of primes in each sport we can expect how they will determine in any sequential number groups.


Primes among 1 and forty: 12


The percentage of primes in a forty ball sport is round 30% and so in any 6 ball draw we can anticipate on common two primes will be drawn.

Because we know consecutive types of afford come with odd numbers, it follows that 2 0.33 of these groupings will involve a most desirable number.

Using The Consecutive sample tips To minimize Your Lottery funding Size

With the kidnapped that ideal numbers will dominate sequential styles we can use that suggestions to exclude any lines with consecutive numbers that don’t contain primes.

By adding these ideal number varieties of this means that you can us to depart out other number businesses. For example if we decide on a most desirable to use as a consecutive then we might neglected other primes in close proximity.

An extra choice might be to look at “hot primes”. I seen in the NZ Lotto pattern that each foremost number in the sample was a alternative one so we can not noted consecutive pairs that come with primes that have lately been in a successful line.


This article has announced the concept of consecutive numbers in lotto consequences. It concluded that the majority of these varieties of will come with most effective numbers. This leaves a glance of scope for additional analysis with a aim of closing date the total aggregate size of lotto selections.

A. Lewis Gibson is a long time student of number techniques and developments. An skilled Excel and VBA programmer, he has built a website that generates all possible mixtures of lottery numbers and invitations advertising as to its development.


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