Custom Floating Key-chains are the newest marketing trend

In the era of marketing and PR stunts, customized floating key-chains are becoming one of the most loved advertising tools

“Imagine gathering all your belongings as you board on a boat and prepare for your beautiful, sunny day on the water. You ask your land-lover friend for the keys, and they toss them just outside of your reach. Plop, and in the water go the keys of your house, your car. Well, you could always just go swimming at the community pool, right (that is, after you throw your friend into the water for losing the keys!)? Don’t let this happen! Imprint your logo on customizable floating key chains, so the next time this happens your friend can jump in and retrieve them. No harm, no foul!” The advertisement for customized floating key chains, read.


There is no denying that we live in a world where marketing and advertising play a huge role in our lives. We buy the stuff we see on television, or we hear about from our friends or read about in articles (just like this one), we try to get services from the organizations that are heavily advertised and PR for as well.


In today’s time where almost every right-minded organization hand-outs custom floating keychains printed pens, writing pads, coffee mugs, T-shirts and what not for free, it becomes obvious that people are looking beyond flyers and pamphlets for the purpose of advertising. Yet, in a day and age where people throw out almost every promotional knick-knack what can be used to lure the public and leave a lasting impact?

Enter floating key-chains. These are key-chains and key rings that help keys to remain afloat in water and make it way easier to find them than the regular dip and spot.

Floating foam key-chains and floating container key-rings (popularly called “Keytainers”) make for great promotional products when custom imprinted with a company’s logo or watermark. Since, these are the ‘something-new’ of today’s market; they are widely popular and immensely practical. They are far more valuable than regular key-chains and are cheap enough to be bought in bulks and given away by any business organization.

Understanding the socio-economic impact of these free yet practical giveaways, companies are rapidly using floating key chains to promote their business via tradeshow giveaways, conventions, employee incentives, free giveaways, meetings, etc. These key-chains are great items for marinas, boat dealers, resorts, lake side hotels, boat detailers, cabins, realtors and many other water related businesses.

It is worth saying that these customized floating key chains, printed mugs or engraved pens are the new world’s poster and pamphlet.

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