Choosing between yourself and a painting company

You’ve decided to paint your house, the whole house. Good for you! Now you’re wondering whether or not you should embark on this journey by yourself. There’s no need for painting professionals when you have motivation and dedication. After all, you’ve painted before, it’s kind of fun, plus you’ll be so satisfied that you managed to do it all by yourself all of the pain and time spent will be worth it. However is that really the situation?

Here are FIVE FACETS OF PAINTING which we have put head to head to see whether painting a house is better on your own or getting a company
Difficulty (The ceiling)

1. Mmm that’s some good… paint
Let’s start off with the big one, how good will the job be? When it comes to you verse professionals, you’d have to be pretty special to produce better quality. You may own some of the tools and understand the basics. I mean you put paint on a rolly thing then you put the rolly thing on a wall, it’s fairly simple. But it’s the nuances, the insider tricks you’re lacking. Professionals know the trick of the trade, how to deal with spiral staircases, work around light switches and they actually make the ceiling even (but we’ll get to that). As you’d expect and want; a painting company with provide a much higher quality.

Victory: Painting Companies
2. Who costs more?
If you decide to do it yourself it will undoubtedly be cheaper. You’ll have to buy a bunch of the equipment, loads of paint and advisably a jumpsuit of some sort, but overall it’s not a massively expensive project to undergo. However the real cost you’ll be sinking is time. If this isn’t an objection, then doing this by yourself is a great frugal option. Most of the equipment will last for years so it can be a good investment. A painting business will charge you money for all kinds of things like, ‘providing paint and equipment’ and ‘their expertise’. Well if you don’t want to pay for such things then doing it yourself is cut those costs.

Victory: You

3. The Ceiling…
The worst part of any painting expedition is the ceiling. For the most part ceilings are not close to the ground and reside above your head. Both of these make it rather difficult to even reach the ceiling. Once you’ve placed one foot on the top of the ladder and the second on the wall you’re ready to start and soon you’ll be ready to stop. Painting a roof is a painful experience, you’re arms are not designed to hold things above you head for extended periods of time doing a strength and precision activity.
If you managed to power through the pain and dodge all the droplets that are dedicated to attacking your eyes you can look at your work and realise that the care and tact you employed when doing the walls has been lost. It’ll be streaky, it’ll splotchy and a second coat is a mere dream. The whole experience can really dash your spirits especially when you get to that one room with an unnecessarily high ceiling. If you hire someone to do it, this nightmare can stay far away and you’ll have a perfect ceiling.

Victory: Painting Companies

4. Are we there yet?
Painting a house takes a long time and without a team helping you it can take full weeks to complete. If you are willing to slowly go at it, each week doing room by room then you’re in for a long haul. It’s certainly do-able, but it will likely take months. If you have the time, then it’s a great project to embark on, but if you don’t it’ll drag on well after you’ve lost motivation. Professionals are much quicker, work in teams and can work while you’re not there.

Victory: Painting companies
5. I Deserve to Be Proud
If you manage to paint an entire house by yourself; or at least with the help of friends and family that would be seriously impressive. You could tell people for the rest of your life that you painted your entire house.

You could make it a project, each weekend for months you got out the paint, duct tape and ladder and went to work. Then at the end you get to live in your house knowing that you spent the time and put in the love to make it extra special for yourself.

Hiring a company to do it for you will certainly leave you satisfied with the result, but not with the feeling of personal achievement.

Victory: You

Painting Companies: 3
You: 2

By this very crude and subjective analysis we have determined it’s better to hire professional painters to paint your house than to do it yourself. Of course it’s down to preference, if you are interested in undergoing a renovation project then paint away and best of luck. If you want it to be down quickly, efficiently and look amazing then get the pros. It’s all about what you want.

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