5 Efforts To Plan Rubbish Removal With Minimum Stress

Hiring skip bins from a rubbish removal company can be difficult when you’re doing it for the first time, so take the time to prepare and plan for the best results. While it’s not rocket science, some efforts will help you plan rubbish removal with minimum stress, whether you undertake house renovations or just a general house cleanup.

Hire The Skip Bin Well in Advance to Avoid Paying Higher Last Minute Costs
Leaving your hiring to the end means that you have very little time to compare between different quotes, which could cost you more money eventually. The best way to ensure you get a good price is to plan your hire well in advance, allowing you to scope out the market before you settle on a rubbish removal company that fits into your needs. Follow these steps:

Ask around for referrals from friends or family who have already gone through a similar process.
Get quotes from at least five companies who can undertake your specific rubbish removal needs.
Compare the services offered by each company as they may differ.
Identify the company that offers you the best value for money based on your needs.
You can only follow these steps diligently if you start your planning well in advance for the best value.
Make Sure You Choose The Right Size Based On Your Waste
Rubbish removal isn’t just about hiring a skip and sending it to the junkyard once filled. You have to consider how much waste you’re planning on getting rid of to choose the right skip size. Factors to keep in mind when considering skip size:
Consider the size and weight capacity of the skip – certain items like fridges and washing machines may need larger skips with higher weight capacities.
Itemise your rubbish so you know exactly what you need to throw out before the skip hiring process.
Consider items that can be thrown into other bins like cardboard and other household waste to to minimise the number of things that go into your skip bin.
Keep in mind that ordering the right size from the start will reduce your ultimate costs because you won’t need to make more than one trip to the junkyard.
Place Your Skip Bin In A Convenient Location
The location where you place your skip bin for loading is vital to avoid too much stress. Consider these factors when placing your skip bin for loading:
Identify the most convenient location where loading is easiest from your home to the skip.
Explore whether your private property has enough space to hold the skip bin.
Any public area for placing the skip bin may need special local council permission to avoid paying any fines later.
Place your skip bin on even land to prevent it from tipping over during the loading process.
The right location for your skip bin will help you avoid a tremendous amount of stress during the loading process before the rubbish removal company arrives to take it away.
Avoid Filling The Skip Above Its Capacity Height
If you overload your skip and stack it too high, you may end up in two situations:
A removal company may charge you extra labour to unload the skip beyond the height capacity.
The removal company may not take it at all owing to regulations that charge fines for transporting overloaded skips to the junkyard.
To ensure that you don’t end up in a situation where your skip is overloaded, make sure you follow all instructions properly.
Fill The Skip Correctly To Prevent It From Tipping Over
Failure to load your skip bin correctly will result in it tipping over either during loading or during transport. You can prevent this by following these loading guidelines:
Fill the base with flat surfaces first.
Place heavier or bulky items soon after.
Avoid placing bulky items on one side to ensure the skip has a balanced centre of gravity.
Fill lighter items in the air pockets.
Break down big items to make them smaller and fit them into open spaces.
Close the skip bin to ensure that rubbish doesn’t fly off during transport.
Your rubbish removal process doesn’t have to be hard when you follow the right steps, even if you’re doing it for the very first time. These guidelines will help you in your efforts and will reduce your stress before the rubbish removal company arrives to take your junk away.

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