3 ways to ensure same-day flower delivery

Flowers are sometimes the biggest lifesavers when you need that last minute gift. According to Best in Australia, whether you forgot it was Mother’s Day, a baby arrives before its due date or you want to send someone a last minute get-well gift, a well meaning flower delivery is normally a simple and time efficient way of getting your well wishes to someone without any hassle.

You might just expect that your local florist provides this service, but sometimes it’s not just a given. When organising flowers as a gift for a special someone, our focus can be on what flower type the recipient prefers and what message you want written on the card.

Don’t forget about the fine print and delivery details. When you want same-day delivery, take the time to check off the following 3 factors.

Check what’s available now

You might know that your girlfriend loves red roses. So, you ask the florist to arrange you a beautiful bouquet of a dozen red roses, tied up with a satin bow and placed in a sequined printed box. Yes, your florist may be able to meet your request. However, because your request may be out of their norm of what they currently have available this could see your delivery take days to arrive.

When you order your bouquet make sure that you make it easy for your florist to get your order to your location that day, if this is a service they provide. Check what they have currently available and ready to deliver. It may not be the exact arrangement you had in mind, but if it is similar to what you want and same-day delivery is a priority for you, it might be best to go with what is on the shelf.

Check cut-off times

When you’re looking for same-day flower delivery, most likely it was a last minute decision and you are now in a rush to find what you need. When most people see that that a florist can arrange for their flowers to get to the recipient that day, they sigh a breath of relief, quickly make their purchase online, fill in the address and expect for their delivery to be there that day.

However, check delivery cut-off times. Most businesses will have a clause that says if your order is placed before a particular time, such as before midday, then normally your order can be shipped and arrive that day.

But if you are 1 hour past the cut-off time, then your order may be placed in the queue for next day send out. To avoid disappointed, always check for cut-off times and deadlines. When in doubt, give your florist a call to double check.

Check delivery preferences

Sometimes a florist may offer same-day delivery of flowers but only do so if required and for an added cost. Nowadays, a lot of purchases are made online and its up to the person that is ordering to check boxes and fill in the details they require.

Don’t forget to see if you need to tick a box for same-day delivery. If so, there may be an additional charge for this service. When speaking to a customer service representative over the phone or in person, they will most likely ask you when you need your delivery to arrive and advise you of any extra charges for this special service. With online forms, the onus is on the person placing the order to make these decisions and review their purchase carefully before clicking the submit button.

Taking a step back and being logical about your order is a simple task and one that could save you being disappointed from your delivery arriving late. Like any activity that revolves around a date or event, a little bit of planning and double-checking is crucial.

Flowers are a kind and thoughtful gift to send to friends and family for a range of occasions. At times, getting your order there on the day you placed the order is important. If this is a priority for you, take the time to order what is available and in stock at the time, check delivery times and check if you have to specifically request a same-day delivery service.

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