3 Golden Rules for Getting Your Dream Wedding Photos

Most women dream of their wedding day, and if you were really honest, many men too! And while there’s tons of planning going into the day, you want to find ways to record your special day to ensure that it remains etched in your memory for a long time. Choosing the right wedding photographers will make a huge difference to your special day because they can find ways to capture those ultra precious moments. Let these golden rules guide you in your quest for getting dreamy wedding photos.

Consider the Type of Picture Style You Want
Before you decide to work with a certain photographer, take the time to consider the type of photography style you want, as this will help you narrow down your search. Consider whether any of these appeal to you:

Vintage style photos – Instead of full-fledged colour shots, perhaps you like the idea of whimsical memories with a touch of the past reflected in your big day. If you fall in this category, you’ll want a photographer who specialises in vintage styled photos.
Documentary style photos – Perhaps you don’t like the idea of posed photos, and are looking for more spontaneous images. In this case, look for wedding photographers who can document candid memories of your big day with guests rarely looking at the camera.
Portrait style photos – Perhaps you’re the kind of person who wants the classic wedding shots where guests pose for the camera. For this, you will need photographers who specialise in capturing traditional wedding images.
Bold and edgy style photos – So the idea of traditional doesn’t appeal to you? You may want to consider bold and edgy style photos with slanted angles, unusual frames and daring finishes. Photographers who specialise in this type of photography are best suited to you.
Once you have a clearer understanding of your own picture style, you’ll find it easier to choose the right photographer for getting you those dream wedding photos you desire.

Make Sure You Gel Well With Your Photographer Beforehand
Your photographer has certain ideas in mind when it comes to capturing pictures, so you must make sure that you gel well with his or her plans beforehand for the best results. Clashes between you and the photographer will only lead to angst, so find ways to seamlessly work together for the best results. These steps can help you work flawlessly with your chosen photographer:

Be clear with your expectations, but consider their suggestions seriously – they are the professionals, after all.
Let them know in advance if you have some must-have pictures in mind, so that you’re not disappointed later.
Take the time to know them a little better, so you don’t feel uncomfortable when they shadow you on your big day.
Choose someone whose personality doesn’t clash with yours, or you’ll may end up disagreeing more than you want about the kind of images you should have on the day.
Take a few reference photos and talk to the photographer about the best ways to replicate them in your personal circumstances well ahead of time.
When you get along well with your photographer, you’ll find yourself more relaxed and happier in your images.
Review Past Work with a Fine Tooth Comb
Before making a decision to work with a particular photographer, take the time to consider his or her past work to make sure you’re absolutely happy with what is being offered to you. Consider some of the following when reviewing past work of the photographer with a fine tooth comb.
Did the photographer capture the important moments during their previous wedding shots?
Are you happy with the thoughtfulness of the composition and the sharpness of the images?
Are you finding too much clutter in the picture frame?
Are you happy with the lighting provided at the venue by the photographer?
Do the pictures seem too obscure for your liking?
Are you happy with the way the photographer has captured emotions on the day?
Does the colouring and style of the photographer suit your personality?
Are you happy with the full wedding albums provided?
Consider all these factors and make sure you review past work of the wedding photographer with a fine tooth comb.
Choosing the right wedding photographer for your special day will make a big difference to the outcome of your photos, so don’t take this aspect for granted. You’ll spend several years and decades reminiscing about your wedding through these pictures after all.

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